Why it is Important to Have Insurance and Annuity for Financial Planning


Insurance should be a very important aspect of anyone’s sound financial plan.  When certain occurrences like death, sickness, accidents occur, it is important that one has insurance to protect them and their loved ones.  there are factors that can guide one on the kind of insurance policy to choose from.   to  get the most appropriate  insurance policy, one should look at their age, economic situation and their family.   annuity kind of policy would not be the best choice for instance for a young  new worker .

 Altamonte Springs Insurance companies issue a type of policy called annuity that allows a person to save up money for retirement.  One can either pay in this money in lump sum or in a number of small payments.  Your contributions are guaranteed to earn interest over time according to the interest agreed upon.   The advantages of an having a n annuity is that one is sure of a stream of income especially after retiring.

 People who have suddenly gotten large sums of money like winning the lottery or winning millions from court cases can also benefit from having annuities.   Once agreed upon by the client and the insurance firm, these large sums of money can be disbursed to the owner a s a steady cash flow gradually.

 The two commonly used terms with this policy are accumulation and annuitization phase.    There is the first stage where one is just paying into the account and does not get any payments and it is called accumulation phase.  The second phase called annuitization  is when the client finally starts getting some pay-outs.

 The people more suited for annuities are the older and more financially stable individuals.  The reason for this is that one can be charged with penalties for premature withdrawals and the money is illiquid.   For younger individuals, this is not recommended as they require liquid money constantly.

Younger individuals can however go for Altamonte Springs Annuity insurance covers best suited for their day to day lives.  Some of these policies have to do with insuring their young children’s future education, health insurance and also insuring their assets.

 Regardless of age sound financial planning should be done by all.   Carefully analyzing ones circumstances can help you choose a suitable policy for your financial planning.   To get the best policy for your cost, it is good to goggle the many insurance companies before making that choice.

 Financially planning for ones future is one of the best gifts one can give to  themselves and to  their families.


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